Monday, August 1, 2016

In the Yarn Garden CAL - Part 6, back side and joining

This is the last part of In the Yarn Garden CAL. This part contains a pattern for a optional back side, a section about joining and also some tips on what you could do if the size of your work don't really work out as a cushion.

The pattern for the back side is basically the ”solid granny square” pattern but with a few details added. This part does not have as detailed descriptions as the front side since it is a repetitive pattern.

You could of course chose to do one more of the front side pattern and use it as back side. But if you want something different, then this back side pattern is an option. 

Before we start this last part I want to thank everyone who joined this CAL. I have loved seeing all of your work and that made all the time I put into making this pattern worth it :)

I hope you enjoyed this CAL and that you soon will have a lovely cushion, blanket or whatever you chose to do with your work. I'm totally pleased with my new cushion and will probably do one or two more. 

This is part 6!

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